Weedmill by MaryMILL

A typical grinder can be opened, which means weed can get between the rotating parts. This will cause stickiness. With the Weedmill, the blades stay in place and won't get sticky.

No. The kief simply comes out with the weed. Over time, some might stick to the blades, but you can easily collect it by opening the mill.

Yes, you can put it in the dishwasher on the eco-program. It's best without the blades, otherwise, it might take some time to dry in the crevices.

No. Most plastic grinders are made of acrylic, which tends to chip off. We've chosen IXEF for the blades (as strong as metal) and the base they sit in is made of HDPE (designed for smoothness). This isn't just any plastic. It's safe to grind your weed with it.

It gives you three compartments in the container. This way, you can create mixes. For instance, with CBD as a tobacco substitute.

Yes. If you want to make mixes, you can, but you can also simply take it out.

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