How To

To go from grinding to milling, all you need to do is follow a few steps.

1. Fill your storage container

2. Connect the Weedmill

3. Slide to open

4. Start milling

Check out our how to use page.

You can open the Weedmill by holding the bottom ring with the markings, and rotate the storage down. For a video you can check out our how to use page.

If you or a friend accidentally removes the top part of the Weedmill, you can easily reassemble it by removing the blades from the top-cap, and realigning them by paying attention to the markings. Here, watching a video is easiest: How to use.

Check our troubleshooting video on the how to page.

Product & Production

Instead of the storage container, you now only screw on the extra supplied lid on the milling mechanism. The operation remains the same.

The Weedmill consists of ten parts made from four different materials. 

  • The outer parts are made of >66% recycled polypropylene for flexibility and robustness.
  • The knives are made from a material as strong as metal to remain sharpness for years.
  • The material for the slide and base for the knives has been specifically selected to ensure long term smooth operation.
  • The thread for connecting the Weedmill and storage is made from an enforced material for an extra tight connection.

Getting a Weedmill to your home requires a few steps. The production of 10 individual parts, their assembly, packaging and shipping. The production takes place just some kilometers outside Amsterdam, while the other steps take place in Amsterdam. This makes the Weedmill officially 'Made in Amsterdam'.

A Weedmill is a completely different mechanism that has proven not to stick. This is mostly due to not opening and closing the "sticky" part all the time, allowing plants to enter between moving parts.

We tend to say 'no'. But we cannot guarantee that it will never need cleaning in a lifetime. If so, It is designed to be easily disassembled and can be placed in a dishwasher in eco mode.

Yes! Check them out here.

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Waranty & Refunds

It's hard to know if someone has tried to crush a rock and damaged the Weedmill.

Therefore our warranty covers the rectification of manufacturing defects and support for use and maintenance.

Yes. Use it, test it. Love it & keep it, and if you don't return it to us. The refund request can be submitted within 30 days after the purchase is made.

The shipping costs for the return are for your account.

Upon receipt in good order, you will be refunded your purchase amount plus initial shipping costs.