Storage and grinder combination

  1. Super convenient
  2. Fluffy result
  3. Adapts to your need

Weedmill concept in 41 seconds:

A storage- grinder combination

Like sprinkling pepper or salt? Exactly. And there is more.

Different ways of use

The combination of the grinder and the storage works like a pepper mill. Super convenient at home. You also get a lid for the storage and a cap for the grinder. It's kind of a transformer. Watch the video below to see how it works ⏬

Centered Iframe

Super convenient

Fast in use. Will not stick. Dishwasher friendly.

Fluffy result

No powder. Good air flow. Happy terpenes.

Adapts to your need

At home. In the wind. And undercover.

  1. Doesn't get sticky: The design prevents stick building up
  2. Made in Amsterdam: Ten parts, four materials.
  3. No plastic in your weed: Blades as strong as metal and will not chip down.
  4. Extra sealing edge in the storage lid: Carry 5 grams odorlessly.
  5. Divider included: Create mixes.
  6. Without a magnet: So it doesn't open in your bag.
  7. Discrete: People don't know there's weed inside.
  8. Yet attention-grabbing: Did weed just come out of there?
  9. Sustainable: Two-thirds recycled material.
  10. Organized: Containers instead of plastic bags.
  11. More organized: Leftovers in the small storage (two lids).
  12. Childproof: Not easily opened.


I run a cannabis club in Barcelona and we have received our Marymill 10 days ago. Our members and ourselves are delighted to have it ! We love this product and its versatility. It’s actually more than a revolutionary grinder, it’s a sealed container and a miller. You can separate them, or connect them to your convenience. This is a massive step for all weed users!


This is the perfect combination between a storage box an a grinder. So i dont have to carry 3 or 4 items with me. I can use the storage container with the divider for three sorts of my herbs and can prepare them fresh. The handling is very easy and the cleaning too. Everything feels high quality manufactured.


Can’t explain how happy I am with my new gadget. Have been a fan since the first weedmill, which is still working, but this one is of another level. What I love the most is that it doesn’t get sticky and that you can easily transform it for on the go. If you are looking for a Weedmill, this one is definitely worth your money!

No. Most plastic grinders are made of acrylic, which tends to chip off. We've chosen IXEF for the blades (as strong as metal) and the base they sit in is made of HDPE (designed for smoothness). This isn't just any plastic. It's safe to grind your weed with it.

A typical grinder can be opened, which means weed can get between the rotating parts. This will cause stickiness. With the Weedmill, the blades stay in place and won't get sticky.

No. The kief simply comes out with the weed. Over time, some might stick to the blades, but you can easily collect it by opening the mill.

Yes, you can put it in the dishwasher on the eco-program. It's best without the blades, otherwise, it might take some time to dry in the crevices.

It gives you three compartments in the container. This way, you can create mixes. For instance, with CBD as a tobacco substitute.

Yes. If you want to make mixes, you can, but you can also simply take it out.

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