How to Fill & Mill with the Weedmill

How to Fill & Mill with the Weedmill

Discover the Ease and Joy of Grinding Weed with the Weedmill in this video, followed with a text and video to explain in more detail.

Here's how to use a Weedmill:

  1. Fill the storage container.
  2. Attach the Weedmill.
  3. Open the slide.
  4. Start milling.

    What to pay attention to?

    1. Fill the storage container

    Pay attention to ensuring that the buds are not larger than 1/3 of the container. As long as they fit within the mechanism underneath, you're good to go. There is a divider in the container for this purpose. Avoid compacting it too tightly.

    2. Connect the Weedmill

    Attach the Weedmill by screwing it tightly.

    2. Open the slide

    On top, you will see the logo. Slide it to the other side.

    3. Start milling

    GenePower using the Weedmill

    Keep the grill facing downwards while grinding.

    Experiment with both circular and up-and-down motions.


    Voila. Now that you understand the Weedmill, is it already time for the variety of its forms? Features & Setups