Various Setups and Features of the Weedmill

Various Setups and Features of the Weedmill

The Weedmill is more than just a grinder. And it has more capabilities than you might initially think.

Weedmill - To Go - Tiny Storage - Storage and more

Setup #1: Weedmill & Tiny storage

The cap of the container and the to-go version fit together. This creates a small storage compartment suitable for items like hash.

Setup #2: Weedmill to-go

With the included cap, you can seal the Weedmill without the container. Screw on the lid and put it in your pocket, bag, pencil case, or wherever you prefer. It's smaller without the container, but at least as functional. You can still hold up to to grams, and when it is windy you can grind with the slide closed, collecting in  the to-go cap.

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Verdeler Weedmill

We call it the revolver, but it's actually more of a distributor. It serves two purposes:

    1. Proper Bud Size

    It ensures that you don't put larger buds in the container than the mechanism can handle. Over time, you'll know approximately how much it can hold, and then you may not need to use it anymore.

    2. Mix different strains

    We are big fans of CBD weed as an occasional tobacco substitute to lower the nicotine cravings. Or you might like to mix up different types of strains for specific situations of flavours. With the revolver, you can store and grind one, two, or three different types of weed in one container. Create your own blend - 1/3 CBD and 2/3 THC for a relaxing time on the couch, or vice versa for a party. Blend your own.

    Mix & Match

    A Weedmill consists of 10 parts. Of those 10, 7 are components to play around with. Have you noticed that we offer different colors?

    Dutch Orange or Dark Gray?