Pepermolen voor wiet

World's First Peppermill for Weed

We are sitting at the table and someone throws a bag of weed against the pepper mill and asks, "Why isn't there a pepper mill for weed?". Quite strange, with pepper, salt, and spices, all you have to do is twist and it crumbles. With weed, we endlessly struggle with our fingers in grinders. Putting a nug in, turning it around, tapping it out, prying it loose, and repeating.

Wouldn't it make much more sense to dose weed in the same way? Directly to the intended destination, and each time, nothing more than a few spins around?

Pepermolen voor wiet 

What is a Weedmill?

The Weedmill. The name doesn't hide anything. The Weedmill is a grinder for weed. A storage container where you attach a grinder, and then all you have to do each time is give it a few turns. "It's just like adding pepper or salt to your dish." Users say it's handy, easy, and secretly quite fun to do.
Dark Gray - First Peppermill for weed

The design

In the meantime, we have achieved a design that is easy to use and ensures a consistent fluffy grind. The Weedmill consists of ten parts made from four different materials.

  • The outer parts are made of >66% recycled polypropylene for flexibility and robustness.
  • The knives are made from a material as strong as metal to remain sharpness for years.
  • The material for the slide and base for the knives has been specifically selected to ensure long term smooth operation.
  • The thread for connecting the Weedmill and storage is made from an enforced material for an extra tight connection.

Long story short, it works. And we're proud of it!

Advantages of a Weedmill:

  • Direct dosing to the intended destination: The Weedmill allows you to grind and dispense your weed directly where you want it, making the dosing process precise and convenient.
  • Easy to use: Using the Weedmill is simple and straightforward. Just attach the grinder, give it a few turns, and you're ready to enjoy your ground weed.
  • Fun to do: Many users find using the Weedmill to be an enjoyable and engaging experience. It adds a touch of excitement and novelty to the process of grinding weed.
  • Store your weed in containers instead of bags: The Weedmill promotes a more organized and hygienic storage method. You can keep your weed in jars, ensuring better preservation and reducing the risk of contamination compared to keeping it in bags.
  • As simple to use as a pepper mill: The Weedmill is designed to be user-friendly, just like a pepper mill. It follows a similar mechanism, making it familiar and easy to operate for anyone accustomed to using a pepper mill.

    Now that you know what a Weedmill is, would you like to learn about its various setups and features?

    Weedmill: World's first pepper mill for weed.


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